Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Finishing up those Harry Potter pages

It has been a good year since I looked at my Harry Potter album as I rarely scrap more than a few months after the event, but looking back over my 800 posts reminded me of how much fun we had at the Harry Potter studio an dhow much I enjoyed scrapping. So I decided to take the last few photos I wanted to get into the album and the remains of the kit I had put together to France in half term.

I made 5 pages and pretty much decimated what was left of the kit. They needed a few finishing touches when I got home so I did that this morning and then photographed them.

Although I used the same kit of embellishments, I think the style is slightly different from the first pages I made. I'll spread them out through the album so I don't think anyone will notice.

 These 2 photos are scanned from the 'greens screen' shots I paid for when we were there. They felt more 'special' than the 150 or so I took myself and for some reason I fhad elt more pressure about scrapping them, but I really wanted them in the album so this time I just went for it.  This is the only double spread so I wanted it to stand out as being different from the rest and I'm happy with how it turned out. I especially like the black and white 'barcode' paper.
 I think this one needs something in the centre of the bookmark, but I can't find the perfect embellishment so I'm going to leave it for now.
 This is to use up all those extra little pictures. I was going to use a PL page protector, but I'd forgotten my HP album was post-bound so I opted for a PL-style grid pattern instead.
I think this page is my favourite. lots of layers to reflect the detail of the set of the Weasleys' house.


Sian said...

I think maybe the Weasley one is my favourite too, though it's almost impossible to choose. Such a great subject, beautifully recorded to enjoy again and again

S said...

What fun and interesting pages. Did JK know her creation would end up on so very many scrapbook pages?