Friday, 13 June 2014

There's nothing wrong with a bit of self indulgence!

What a luxury!
This is the longest I have spent on single layout in ages.
I had a proper day off - by which I mean not only did I not have to go to work but I didn't have a pile of housework or marking or a long list of jobs to accomplish either. I had, to be fair, been catching up all week in order to make the most of this day off.
So I sat down at 10am to make a double layout of M's 7th birthday party last week. With a couple of breaks to hang the washing out, I crafted until 12.30. Then I had lunch, indulged in an episode of Loose Women and finished the layout with an hour to spare before school pick up.
I feel refreshed and satisfied, and the result is a much more intricate layout than I usually manage.
(and before I finished typing this post, I had a phone call from my line manager and had to go into college for half an hour. Grrrr I knew it was too good to last!)

 This is the first time M's birthday has fallen on a school day and she was very excited. We invited 6 of her friends for a tea party after school. I took lots of photos, of course so I used a PL page protector to display most of them, allowing myself the further luxury of a whole 12x12 with only 1 picture and a title.
Consequently, I embellished quite heavily. Here are some of the details:


BScrappy said...

Lovely layout, thanks for sharing! So nice to have a day off for scrapping! I am nearly finished my school reports and have ordered PL goodies for my next evening off! A just debating buying a cuttlebug this weekend while 25% off at hobbycraft. Do you have an embosser/ die cutter? Use it lots?

S said...

Oh, the time spent certainly paid off. These pages shine - loving the color scheme especially.

Kirsty.A said...

Hi BScrappy, I don't seem able to message you so I'll reply on here and hope you return to see it. No, I don't own an embosser or die cutter and I don't really want one. I admire the stuff I see other people producing but I really enjoy handcutting. I find it very therapeutic and I' not bothered if my pages look more 'handmadre' than professional

BScrappy said...

Thanks Kirsty x

Maria Ontiveros said...

I think you should do the types of layouts which make you happy, and I know that changes for me from time to time. I love joy that comes from creativity.