Friday, 20 June 2014

Just Another Manic Friday

It is now 10pm.
Today I have:
  • Got up (trust me, that wasn't a given after the week we've had)
  • Made 3 breakfasts
  • Got 2 children to school on time; one wearing uniform, one in mufti.
  • Remembered to take to bottle of wine as a donation for the Summer Fair, in return for mufti.
  • Gone to work:
    • taught 2 hours of advanced level English;
    •  collated my paperwork for 2 trips next week;
    • sorted out exam entries
    • remembered a present for my line manager's birthday tomorrow
  • Come home and had leftover chilli for lunch
  • Packed last minute things for R's Scout camp
  • Blitzed the living room
  • Culled M's bookshelf of books she never reads and taken them to school for the Summer Fair
  • Thrown away a lot of rubbish from M's drawers and relocated her dressing up clothes....
  • I could finally find a home for all her birthday presents which have been cluttering the house for 3 weeks.
  • Collected M from school
  • Spoken to R's form teacher about arrangements for a school activity trip
  • Attended a doctor's appointment for a repeat prescription (waste of my time, but necessary)
  • Taken M to a play date. We arrived to find that the mum, who had requested this date, wasn't at home.
    • phoned home to ask R to locate her mobile number on my email.
    • felt proud of R as we have only just started this experiment of leaving him at home for short periods and keeping in phone contact
  • Made R's dinner
  • Collected more bounty from the garden
  • Driven R to camp and helped him find his tent.
  • Collected M from the play date.
  • Popped into Sainsbury's Local for something quick for dinner
  • Come home to P-first evening we've spent together since Monday (and we were both on our separate devices - not good)
  • Poured myself this
  • Typed this post
  • Put a burger and some oven chips in the oven
  • Watched some TV with M then tucked her into and kissed her goodnight
  • Finally sat down with P to watch the celebrities on Masterchef cook far better food than we were eating.
Time for bed now. Night night.

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Kate said...

You sound like you deserved that glass of wine. Had to chuckle though, at the great typo in Sainsbury's!