Saturday, 12 April 2014

12x12 scrapping with 4x3 Project Life cards

 As I do Project Life monthly I have plenty of photos and don't use many of the 3x4 filler cards. However they are way too cute to languish in my stash so I thought I'd share a couple of 12x12 layouts  using them.

I am in France at the moment for the Easter holidays so I don't have my full stash with me. In fact, Ipacked quite lightly for this trip. I brought the PL cards I'd chosen for April, but as for 12x12  I knew I had a bag of scraps out here so I limited myself to some sheets of neutral-coloured cardstock and black and white alphas. I threw in 3 of the themed card packs - summer,  family and girl at the last minute because they were on offer in Hobbycraft when I went to get some adhesive (well. you know how it is!) and take up very little space.

The Balloon Fun photo was taken on the ferry and I was largely inspired was I found the balloon card in the Summer themed pack. I used that one whole as an embellishment then picked 3 other 3x4 cards to cut up as patternede paper. I had some co-ordinatincg scraps which I layered onto a plain cream background. The flowers gave been hanging around from a cardmaking kit for ages. I threaded them with embroidery thread and layered them over flowers cut from another scrap of patterned paper.

This second layout really used only 6 3x2 cards,  The DCWV tree bark paper gave an interesting base. Apart from a couple of strips of Smash tape and some coloured alphas I found I'd left here, all the embellishments and paper layers were cut from Family themed cards.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Project Life March

March was a long and busy month at work but there were certainly some highlights as well - and everything came in pairs!
  • I had 2 lesson observations - one of an ESOL lesson and one of me doing tutorials. I scored a high 'Good' and an 'Outstanding' respectively, which I was pleased about. The latter was particularly flattering as I am new to the tutorial system.
  • I went to both kids' schools for parent consultations. R's was brilliant - lots of really nice comments and no real worries. I a so happy we have found him a school which can see past his disability. I had got so used to hearing the same negative comments at primary school.  In a reversal of fortunes, M was told she needed to push herself more. Although I was initially disappointed, this is actually quite a good thing as it means she is finally, in Yr 2,  being stretched. She has been so used to finding things easy she's never had to push herself.

  • P and I went out twice as a couple- a theatre trip to see Derren Brown's live show which was his Christmas present to me (absolutely amazing BTW) and a meal at the local 'posh' restaurant which was mine to him.

  • I made 2 trips to the tip to dispose of 14 bags of garden rubbish as I embarked on a long term project to sort out our garden.
  • The kids both took part in special assemblies - R with the Anti-Bullying Committee which he is part of and M for Mother's Day. I was pleased to find a picture of R on his school's  Headteacher's Blog, because of course parents are not invited to secondary school assemblies. Just as well, probably. I cried at M's!
  • I did 2 sessions of Speaking exam interlocuting.
  • M had 2 dress up days - for Book Week and Sport Relief. I'm glad that R is too old for this now, though he did wear mufti for Sport Relief.
  • We also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, in a fairly low key way but it merited a selfie to show off my new Svarovski crystal earrings. Actually, you can't see them very well, but they match the necklace.
  • It was Mother's Day too, of course. Again, pretty low key but I received 3 handmade cards and a paper bouquet from M. I'll have to wait for my gift from R as he wasn't able to bring it home from DT last week.
  • I also included a piece about the loss of Malaysian Air Flight MH370. I didn't feel it was appropriate to embellish it in any way so I just left it plain with a black border.

This whole month was created using the Kraft Project Life kit. I  bought a 1/3 kit on Amazon and I haven't completely used it up. The black accents were cut from Midnight Edition (again a 1/3 kit) and the alphas are from Pebbles and Hobbycraft. A bit of yellow washi tape and I think that's it.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

15 years ago today

Today is P's and my 15th Wedding Anniversary.

15 years! That's Crystal, apparently. I've been promised some earrings at the weekend.

We have 2 children.
We have bought 3 houses.
We have both got satisfying jobs.
We have seen our share of heartache, worry and arguments.
We have shared many parties, meals and sex.
We have been on more than our fair share of holidays
We are blessed with friends and family.
15 years ago the sun shone warmly. Today is overcast with a forecast of rain and hail.
Many things have changed. We have changed.
But 1 thing remains the same.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Refilling my card stash

I haven't made a card for ages and I had none left in my 'whoops-it's-her-birthday-TODAY' stash of cards. I'm not sure why. I've been scrapping and Project Lifing but haven't had the inspiration for cards.  Maybe because I don't know many people with birthdays in the first quarter of the year.
On Saturday, however, along with many other crafters in the UK I expect, I sat down to create a couple of Mothers Day cards. One I can show here, the other I can't. 
I also needed an anniversary card for Thursday, but I haven't finished that yet and I live in hope that he might actually visit this blog one day so I won't show it yet either.

Anyway, the point is that I found these Simple Stories Polaroid cards which have been sitting in my scrap box for about a year. I grabbed a handful of other embellishments which were lurking around and came up with half a dozen cards to replenish my stash. In all it took me about an hour and cost me next to nothing. I don't why I hadn't considered them as card toppers before.

I remember now - that's why I enjoy card making.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

I'm having a mid-life crisis!

I think I might be having a mid-life crisis!
P and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next week and I am suddenly feeling old and in need of a change. I have started a healthy healthier eating regime, decided to grow out my fringe and dug over another bed in the garden. I'll even admit to quite enjoying the physical exercise this afternoon.

I planted chantenay carrots, mange touts and a raspberry cane.
I said a little prayer for them.
Twenty minutes later, we had hailstones! Do you think it was a sign?
Do please let me know if you give a damn about my attempt to transform our garden from overgrown tip to something resembling-well- a garden. If you'd rather I didn't share all the minutiae of this project then I'll keep it to myself. As you can see, I don't quite get the excitement of it  yet. Maybe when (if?) I get my first carrot I'll have my epiphany. In the meantime if you could recommend any good gardening blogs for the complete novice, I'd be grateful.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Book Week Dress Up

When M announced she wanted to be Amelia Jane for Book Week I was happy to go along with it. Amelia Jane by Enid Blyton is a 'proper' book & I always feel a tad embarrassed sending her to school in a Disney costume or a TV tie-in. Also, it was easy, and I have no talent for costume design.
She already owned a patchwork sundress so we made an oversized button from cardstock and then all I needed to do was buy some stripy socks and do her make up on the Friday morning. Doesn't she look cute?
 The star of this layout was a Dear Lizzy die-cut 6x4 card. I used it as a stencil first with 3 shades of distress ink then backed it with some scrap paper from an unused Smash page and cut it into 2 to use in opposite corners of the design.
I used the same 3 inks to ink the edge of the cardstock (an effect I will definitely be using again) and to colour the foam Hobbycraft letters.
The rest of the layout came together easily with some scraps and I added texture with the Dovecraft ricrac, a couple of Flair and buttons and bows tied from the wool which was used to sew the button onto M's dress.
I had fun making this page and I love the colours.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Photo a Day - Monday

Glad to have my car back. 1 brake pad, disc and caliper have been replaced. Apparently that was the source of the horrendous noise it was making last week, so I'm glad I got it sorted before it became dangerous.
Not so happy to have spent £360, though.
The photo also shows the outside temperature yesterday and the local radio station I always listen to in the car.