Sunday, 11 January 2015

Bye Bye Blogland

I've been a rubbish Blogger for the past few months.
There are lots of excuses I can make:
          I'm teaching more classes at work this year than I have since have children.
          We are really busy at home during term time as the kids do so many activities.
          R uses my laptop for work and play so I can't get round to even reading blogs until after 9.30pm, by which time I'm ready to drop. I can read your blogs on my tablet, but it's a pain to comment or post.
This is all true. But, really I think I might be a teeny tiny bit bored with the whole blogging thing. I still love scrapbooking and Project Life but the extra step of photographing my work (especially at this time of year when there's so little natural light), uploading it and explaining my process is getting old.
So, to all my lovely and loyal followers I would like to say, don't expect to see so much of me this year. I want to save this time for more useful things.
Perhaps I'll be back when work slackens off. Perhaps I'll miss blogging.
Whatever,  have a wonderful 2015. I'll keep reading your blogs and comment when I can.
Bye for now


Mariangeles M said...

This is supposed to be fun, so, if it's not, you're doing the right thing :)
I don't blog too much either...

A big hug from Spain and best wishes for 2015.

alexa said...

Wishing you lots of enjoyment in your life this year and you will stay in my reader , just in case :).

Kate said...

Do what you enjoy and stop by once in a while to let us knw yo're OK.

Alison said...

I know I don't often leave a comment, but I just wanted to say that I agree that blogging shouldn't be a's too short so go do what you DO enjoy! Xx

Susanne said...

It is supposed to be fun, so I hope you find lots of other fun stuff to replace the blogging. Happy 2015.