Monday, 3 November 2014

How can I be back at work again? I'm sure that Half Term week wasn't as long as a week at work!
Having said that, we did lots of fun stuff:
Monday- playdate with M's schoolfriends, whose Mum isn't lucky enough to have Half Term off. Baking and making all day long.
Tuesday - riding with my oldest friend (and M's Godmother)
Wednesday - pumpkin carving, a spooky (and wet) woodland walk
and homework - the long-dreaded Taj Mahal Project. What do you think?
Thursday - lunch with a friend and her kids, and swimming to disco music.

Friday - 'Light Party' at the Church and a bit of light, local Trick or Treating
Saturday - cinema trip to see 'Book of Life'. P came home on Saturday evening.

This week looks fairly routine - except for Wednesday when M will be getting enrolled as a Brownie. What about yours?
Waving to Sian here.


Sian said...

Enrolling as a Brownie=big day!

Have a great week Kirsty. I'm waving right back

Julia Dunnit said...

Good grief, you were busy! Amazing the weather in your riding photo looks like the end of a summer day! I love the idea of swimming to disco music, how fun. Hope this week is a smooth easing sort of week into the build up to Christmas.

Susanne said...

It sounds like you and yours made the most of half-term. Hoping this week was as fun packed as that.