Monday, 1 September 2014

Project Life Goes On Holiday- the last installment

I ran out of photo paper for my little photo printer at the end of the holiday so I had to wait until I got home to finish off my France 2014 Project Life. Unfortunately I had to go straight back to college (on August 26th - feeling resentful about that) so it's only now that I am able to share my pages from the last 2 weeks.
 I had to include a memorial to the late great Robin Williams. He starred in pretty much all my favourite films throughout the 80s and 90s. Oh Captain, my Captain!
The weather turned this week for the worse so we played board games and built indoor dens. We had dinner with new friends and painted. The photo top middle is P's acrylic painting of a colleague's house - his first commission and his best picture so far, in my opinion.
August 15th is a Bank Holiday in France. We went out to a in a local town. The parade itself was followed by a fair so we spent a good couple of hours there then had a Scrabble and pizza evening with the neighbours.                                    
In out final week we had a flying visit from friends on their way home from the South of France.
We discovered a great new place with a 1km luge and bungee jumping. P took M on the luge twice for a very reasonable 2.50Euros each. R doesn't enjoy fast rides. Even if we had fancied the 65m bungee it cost 130Euros so we were content to eat ice cream in the sunshine and watch others. P's description of the atmosphere as like that at a public execution was spot on, I think.
We were not ready to come home but had no choice so we had a last supper at the pizza place. I love that Dr Seuss quote- it summed up my feelings perfectly. We arrived back in the UK to driving rain which continued for the next 24hrs.
M also needs reminding of this message. Her behaviour became increasingly challenging and we have witnessed some terrible 7yr old tantrums. I think I have linked them to an adrenaline rush and inability to cope with the coming down, but I have yet to find a solution.

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