Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Best of the Rest of Project Life April

Having made a double page spread about our French holiday and a single spread for Easter,  I was left with a few random photos from the rest of April so I completed the month with this spread,  I am averaging 4 pages a month plus 2 or 3 12x12 pages- works for me.
I like to keep a unified colour scheme within each month so, although this is much brighter than the pastel shades of my Easter layout, it still works in a general scheme of green, yellow and orange. The cards are mainly from the Cherry core kit.

I included:
R's first DT project at school - a metalwork candle holder
going back to school in summer uniform after the holiday
St George's Day parade
Our busy weekend last week. I only had a rubbish picture which I didn't mind covering up, but a longish story so I wrote on both sides of the tag and attached it with floss.
Our success (or lack of) in the Grand National. P won with Balthazar King who came 2nd, I had backed the horse who came 3rd but only to win so no money, R's choice came 11th and M's fell. This is the first time I've used one of the 6x4 folded cards to put journaling inside.
A collage of how the garden is shaping up
journalling about the tragic stabbing of teacher Anne Maguire in  her classroom. I am trying to include more news stories in my PL so I created  both portrait and landscape templates in Word so I can keep continuity.  As so many stories are sad I stuck to stark B&W but I can easily change the colour to suit the story.

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