Tuesday, 6 May 2014

May Bank Holiday

Who doesn't love a bank holiday?  even if it means I'll have to make up 2 classes at the end of term.

We didn't have much planned but still managed a fun and productive few days.

Saturday started, as normal, with double drama rehearsals. After lunch R and I went to help the Scouts clear their activity centre of flood damaged trees. A couple of hours chopping and burning was surprisingly therapeutic.

You may remember I had promised M a sleep-out in the living room. At about 8pm, the kids snuggled into their sleeping bags and we watched 'Frozen' as a family. M's choice, but actually not a bad film. I would very much like to make Family Saturdays a regular event in term time. We often do things together when we are on holiday in France, but it's a rare treat at home. 

When the film finished,  P and I went upstairs and did what parents do when their children can't hear them (!) leaving R to organise a 'secret' midnight feast! As I had predicted, just after midnight, M decided she couldn't sleep on the sofa and came up to bed. That's why I had planned it for a Bank Holiday!

We got up late on Sunday, of course, and I embarked on a fairly hefty housework plan. I didn't want to spend all weekend being boring, but I knew I was losing my usual Monday afternoon at home so it had to be done. I finished as soon as possible and took the kids to the park to enjoy the surprisingly warm weather.

We had yummy lamb shanks for dinner and then I left P watching the World Snooker Finals and went up to bed early to read my book.

On Monday I knew I would finally have to tackle my marking mountain, which I'd been putting off since Friday afternoon. I decided to get down to it first thing and bribed the children to leave me alone with a promise of a trip to the Leisure Pool later. I managed to get the bulk of the work done in 2 hours so we did go to the pool.

It was busy, obviously, but the kids always enjoy the not-very-rapid rapids, the wave machine and the slides so we splashed around for our allotted 90 minutes then had lunch in the café. As the sun was still shining (amazing, for a Bank holiday) we had a quick play in the playground as well before I had to go home to finish my work.

After I had done everything I needed to do before going back to college on Tuesday, M and I did a little light gardening and planted some sunflowers that my Mother-in-Law had been nurturing for her. By then it was almost time for baths and sorting out schoolbags. Why do weekends always go so quickly?

How did you spend your Bank Hols?

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Sian said...

We had a good weekend pottering around the house, but the weather was rubbish. I keep meaning to add Frozen to our Lovefilm list