Thursday, 15 May 2014

Project Life without photos

It's only May 11th and already we've been really busy so far this month:
1 trip to the swimming pool
2 theatre visits
a school inspection
3 parties
3 medical appointments

So I had decided to try and do PL weekly this month, because I knew I'd have lots to document
I've only taken 4 photos - and they were rubbish ones on my phone at night- I don't really know why but there were just no appropriate photo ops. So how do I document these things?

Well, the theatre trips were easy enough - I searched for images online. I could have used the tickets too, but they weren't pretty or interesting ones.

I did use the dodgy phone pictures in a collage with the online banner title, but the poor quality doesn't really make me happy.

And for the rest, I scanned the DVD case of the film we watched and did a lot of journaling. (the card about P's inspection isn't finished as I want to add the official feedback when they get it)
I probably wouldn't have included the story of the Fairies at the bottom of the garden if a) I hadn't had the perfect embellishment in my stash and b)I'd had lots of photos, so that's a positive outcome.

What do you do when you're short of photos?


Sian said...

Honestly, I think years from now the bad photos will be just as loved as the rest. Some of my favourite photos I ever took are from when I was a teenager and they're awful but they're what I've got so I'm glad to have them.

I could get a bit corny here too and say paint the picture with your words :)

S said...

It isn't obvious at first glance that you don't have a lot of photos, and years from now, I can assure you no one will notice. They'll be interested in what you've put done there. You've done a fab job of documenting it all. And I often head to the internet to find photos when I need them - especially of new restaurants we try for dinner when it is dark.