Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter holiday in France (lots of photos)

We spent a lovely 10 days in our holiday home in France. It felt great to be there again after 6 months and took no time at all to settle in. We were pretty lazy - lots of books to read and films to watch- but I also feel as though I spoke a lot of French as we socialised with our friends there.
Kids' entertainment on the ferry
French bread and the open fire

The circus was in town so we took the kids for their first ever circus. I have to admit - it was really good.

This was the finale - the giant hamster-wheel thing was rotating as the acrobat  turned somersaults inside and out.
Not everyday, but it has to be done!

The assault course at this chapel is always a fun way to spend an hour.
Bowling - I'm going to demand the barriers up next time (for me, as well as the kids)

The trees have recently been cleared to reveal this statue so I took my camera for a walk. I did some research - although I thought the figure was male it turns out Notre Dame et L'Enfant.

Meeting our friends' new baby

This is L'Abbaye Blanche and I was lucky enough to find the chapel open for the first time

The ruined chateau at Vire

16th Century thatched cottage in Vire

So nice to know the neighbours - both English and French-speaking. M played beautifully with them

Not the best way to meet the neighbours! The young couple opposite came over to apologise for bashing our car. On the upside we got to speak car insurance French and invite them in for a cup of tea

Watching the kitesurfing at Caen

Waiting to board the ferry home

More socialising - we invited our friends over for dinner  nd it turned into quite a late night

Our garden

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