Friday, 7 March 2014

A week in the lIfe - Wednesday

Wednesdays are always busy, and today was no exception.
I taught Entry 3 at the Community Centre from 9.15-11.30 - a busy lesson of learning about Lent pancake races and listening practice. Then I drove back to college for a Working department lunch.
1.40-4pm was the 6th form lesson - reading and listening plus mock exams for the ones who missed it last week.
As soon as I got home at 4.20 Mum & Dad, who were babysitting are ready to go. They took M and R with them and dropped them at Rainbows and Karate respectively.
I only got to enjoy the peace for 20 minutes, though, as I had to go back out to buy a ballet leotard, collect marking that I'd left at college and pick up dinner ingredients before I collected M from Rainbows at 5.45.
As it was still light, and not raining, for the first time in months M had a quick play in the playground next to the hall before we went home to cook frozen pizza for tea.
I cooked dinner for P and me, put M to bed, went out to collect R from karate and finally ate dinner.

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