Monday, 3 March 2014

A week in the Life - Sunday

March is not the most exciting of months. A full 31 days of normal school/work life and, although we do have a few fun things planned, I don't expect to take a plethora of photos for Project Life. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to record A Week in the Life. The last time I did this was 2 years ago and our family routine has changed a lot since then, now that R is in secondary school. Back then, I kept a detailed hour by hour record on my blog but I didn't do anything crafty with it, so this time I have decided to journal straight onto PL cards and get them in my album.
I bought a  few 1/3 kits recently on EBa. This is great - I can't recommend it enough. I can't afford and wouldn't use the full kits but I do love them so this way I got 100 cards from 3 different kits for less than £30 inc postage. I chose 8 cards from Becky Higgins Kraft kit and added a few black accents cut from the Midnight cards.  I vacillated over how to do the days of the week - stamp them? digital brush? but finally decided on these banners from My Mind's Eye which co-ordinate perfectly and add a bit of colour.
Then I had to decide whether to type my journaling or handwrite it. I decided to handwrite - for the personal touch and also for speed, but that means that, even writing on both sides of the cards,  I won't have room for photos as well, so I'm planning to do Photo A Day for the second week in March.

My Sunday journaling reads:
I woke early - at 7.00am - but didn't get up until 8.30, by which time the kids were already on their respective computer games, having made their own breakfast. I sent them to get dressed and bribed M with extra pocket money to sort the clean socks into pairs. Once we all had socks to wear, M and I went to Church and Sunday School. R decided to stay home and do homework.
When we returned at 11.30, the kids claimed their pocket money and went to the sweet shop, then we all did our own thing. I had paperwork to complete and computer work to do for next week, but I also found time to Facebook and visit some blogs.
At 1 pm we had a quick sandwich for lunch then R did his geography homework and physio exercises.
At 3pm we visited a 20th birthday party at the community centre where I teach - face painting, Bollywood dancing, and a display I had made. At least I showed my face but we only stayed for an hour. The kids were hungry so they had an early tea of Toad in the Hole / veggie burgers with roast parsnips at 5.30.
After that it was time baths and French revision. M went to bed at 7.30 with a chapter of 'Magic Bunny'. R stayed up until 8.45pm.
P and I had enchiladas for dinner, watched 'Top Gear' and 'Dragons' Den' then went to bed to read at 10pm.

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