Monday, 3 March 2014

A Week in the Life - Monday

I woke before the alarm this morning but got up as usual at 6.30am. That gives me a quiet half hour for a cup of tea and a shower before rousing R at 7am. We had breakfast together, then he got ready for school while I woke M at 7.30, made her breakfast, prepared 2 packed lunches and helped R with his splints. His taxi collects him at 7.50 then M and I have half an hour to get ready. I walked her to school - she rode her scooter - in time for the classroom doors to open at 8.35 then drove directly to the community centre.
This morning I was teaching Entry 3 from 9.15-11.30 but my mock speaking exams overran so I didn't leave until 12.00.
After 3 hrs of mock exams I was ready for a cup of tea and lunch of leftover chilli as soon as I got home. I watched 'Loose Women' and the lunchtime news then set about cleaning the house. I got the public rooms done, and managed a bit of Facebook/blogging time, before I left to collect R from Science Club  at 3.30.
I dropped him at home and went straight back out to get M from Craft Club, popping into Sainsbury and the sweet shop en route.
After school time is usually time for a snack and a rest. I asked R about his  French test-passed, Yes! and chatted to M then we all relaxed.
I roused myself at 5pm to make 2 different teas  and prepare dinner. I sat down with the kids while they ate at 5.45.
At 7.15 I walked R down to Scouts. I walked back and put M to bed (more Magic Bunny) then P and I ate turkey escalopes in front of 'University Challenge'. Scouts finishes at 9pm. We were all in bed at 10pm.

My life is soo exciting, isn't it? Don't worry , I'm not going to repeat all the tedious details every day.

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