Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Project Life February

I know February isn't quite over but I don't anticipate anything interesting happening in the next 2 days and I've been working on the components of this spread all month so it finished.  I'm enjoying doing Project Life monthly - I know I couldn't keep up weekly and this way I can see what is actually important over a slightly longer timeframe. And, as it is, I only managed a double spread for February.
 If I was working weekly I'd have had 8 weeks of pictures with rain and floods - how depressing would that be? But now I was able to do one section about how thankful I am not to have been personally affected by the terrible weather.
 I like combining 2 or 3 pockets to highlight an event. It gives me more room for a picture and journalling and I think it looks clearer and less cluttered. This records the International Club event I organised at college.
The kids and I enjoyed watching the evening roundup from Sochi Winter Olympics. With so many new sports it is gripping and exciting for everyone and a lovely way to spend an hour together. One of my aims when I started Project Life was to record more Current Events alongside my personal family stories. As I didn't have any Cyrillic letters and couldn't find the right font online, I hand wrote my title 

P and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. M was the only one who received a card! I had INSET training at college that day and learned how to make an Origami heart. There was a pedagogic point to it, but I won't bore you with it. I gave that heart to P but that night there was a violent storm which broke 2 of our fence panels and kept me awake so I found myself making a small embellishment for Project Life at midnight. There are lots of tutorials on Utube if you want to do it yourself. Start with a 6x6 sheet and it fits a 3x4 pocket perfectly.

I'm learning that PL needs a different approach from my 12x12 scrapping. I don't have to use every photo I take and they don't always need to be full size. Collages like these allow me to tell a story from several angles without the need for lots of journaling or 4 pockets.
Half term also fell in February and we took the kids to the Tower of London. I'm making a separate 12x12 and divided page about that which I'll share when it's done. I like that using my main 2014 album to store my PL means I can choose to do a whole spread about 1 event if I so chose without duplicating what I scrap at 12x12.

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