Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Roundup 6th October

I know, it's taken me until October to realise that most of my Saturday Roundup posts have been written on Sunday because it makes more sense!

This has, finally, been a full, normal week for me at work. I have finished doing diagnostic testing with my new adult classes and settled into teaching. We haven't quite achieved yet that as a family because R had INSET on Friday, but we are at last getting into a routine. Only 2 weeks until P's half term!

All the after school activities are in full swing now so this week the children went to: Science Club; swimming; Scouts; Drama (after school club and on Saturday); Rainbows, karate, choir,  and French club. I helped at Rainbows on Wednesday (making sock puppets).

The weekend was equally busy. M was at Rainbows for a whole day Circus Fun Day on Saturday. Today I was up at 6.30 to prepare for an Indoor Boot Sale at R's school.  I only made £27 after I paid for the table. Still, better than nothing, and it was quite good fun. The money is earmarked for the Hallowe'en parties we are hosting in Half Term.

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