Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saturday Roundup 13th July

Woo hoo!! I've finished!

College is over until the end of August. I feel like crashing onto the sofa but I'm afraid I might not get up.

It was a bitter sweet end as one of M's classmates (and my friend, her Mum) is moving away and our department administrator announced her retirement unexpectedly. Anyone who works in a school knows how indispensable the office staff are. We only have Chris and the prospect of enrolling 400 students in September without her is hanging like a cloud already.
On the upside, this meant 2 leaving dos/end of term dos this week, one of which I hosted.
It has been a week of buying new shoes and uniform for next year, taking M to ballet rehearsals and enjoying the unusually warm weather. R came home from camp on Sunday tired but so excited. 
Oh yes, and it was also the week I watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon
We rounded off a busy week at Party in the Park in Woking.

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Julia Dunnit said...

it is wonderful to see photos of outdoor entertaining! ope the holidays still hold some good weather, presume you're just tying up before going to France for a real break...then yu can crash onto the sofa!