Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Using themed papers (unsuccessfully)

I don't use themed papers often, but I saw these Harry Potter papers from Scrapping the Magic on FurryPig's blog and I really wanted some.

However, when I pulled out my pictures from our day at the Harry Potter studio, I remembered why I rarely use themed papers. They are much too nice to cover up. And the designs cover the whole sheet so it doesn't make sense if you can only see part of it. I layered the Daily Prophet on purple to bring out the colour of the Knight Bus and added some of the trimmed off strips at the side to look like extra pages.

I quite like that bit, but I also had the door (which was a piece of packaging with a title that I wanted to use) and that couldn't be layered easily either or I'd lose some of the wording. I ended up putting it right in the corner. I knew as soon as I had adhered it that it wasn't right but I didn't  have a second sheet of either paper so I was committed.  I couldn't bear to cut or cover any more so I had no room for embellishments or journalling. I added some purple gems and a few strips of dymo, but it is still all unbalanced. It was a mistake to use both themed pieces here, in retrospect. Still, you live and learn.


furrypig said...

I totally agree with you about using themed papers and as you know I had to cut up this sheet of Daily Prophet paper for my LO and I also cut up another themed piece of paper for another scrappy page! I think the less bold HP papers were easier to use did you buy any others Kirsty?? We are going back to the HP studios next week to meet the animal actors!

alexa said...

Oh, you sound cross with yourself! In my book, a page made is one done that might not otherwise see the light of day ... Perhaps you see flaws the rest of us don't! The atmosphere created by the papers is still just right for your photo :).

Melissa said...

This turned out really nice - we can enjoy both papers & your photo! I agree that it's often hard to use those pages because parts get covered up.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I think the page is good because it captures your memory. I agree that themed papers can be hard to work with and often need to play around with them A LOT before I feel like they work.

Sian said...

I'm with Alexa. I think five years from now you won't be looking at the paper, but just at the photo