Thursday, 23 May 2013

Snaps taken in our church

The interior of the church, taken from the 17th Century Zouche Gallery

12th Century Norman door. The door was crafted circa 1106-1138 from a four planks of oak. The tree ws 270 years old when it was felled, meaning the acorn must have germinated in the reign of Egbert (802-839) I think that is VERY cool.

Memorials dated 1529

15th Century parish oak chest

St Peter's Church. Taken in the snow January 2013

The 19th Century organ

18th Century stained glass window

Detail of the ironwork on the door

Original top part of the door, which was cut in order to build the Zouche Gallery

It is quite a privildge to worship in such an historic building.


Melissa said...

What a beautiful place!

Lisa-Jane said...

That looks just the sort of place I like! So many interesting features and details.

Linda Barber said...

Wow! Gorgeous place. I love learning the little bits of history like the age of the door and the tree. Thanks so much for linking me!