Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday Roundup 25th May

The week started on Sunday when both children both took part in a presentation with Sunday School and then the Church hosted its first Parish Lunch. Although M didn't eat much, it was a pleasant occasion and hopefully we will be able to make it a regular event.

Having spent a lot of time with R in the last few weeks, I was glad to have the chance to make it up to M this week.

My Little Mermaid moved up a class in her swimming lessons on Tuesday. She is now in the highest class in the teaching pool and, at not quite 6, that's a real achievement. We are looking forward to her birthday party at the pool in a couple of weeks.

On Wednesday evening I was on parents' rota at Rainbows. I was quite happy to have drawn the straw for this week as we went out for a very pleasant nature walk in the woods near the village hall. After 3 hours of invigilation it was nice to stretch my legs. M had been adamant that she wanted to walk with me but, as I expected, she was quick to run to the front with her friends. That's the way it should be.

The next day, I was also able to go with M on her school trip to the seaside. It is rare for these trips to fall on my day off, so she was very excited that I was coming with her. It was not really seaside weather (when has it been this year?) but the morning was spent visiting the RNLI which was very interesting. The volunteer crew member who spoke to the children was featured on National News last week for a rescue so he showed us the clip and I think that made it all very relevant to the kids. M loved sitting in the lifeboat (in the boathouse) and listening to him. I was proud to see how well behaved she was. The same can't be said for all the children in the class.

After lunch the weather took a turn for the worse but we managed a short beach walk and 20 minutes of ball games and kite flying before we retreated back to the coach. We got back to school an hour earlier than expected, but  M and I were still quite tired out. I couldn't teach that age group all the time!

We are off to France in an idea so no time to upload photos for you. I'll share them next week. Happy Half Term to people in the UK

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