Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More poems by Fred

While we were studying 'Creative Writing' at college, I so envied Fred's ability to see the poetry in the mundane. These two really show off that talent:

Visiting Time
Unlike the nurse with the loud voice
She was not young and pretty.
And I wanted to weep for her,
As, with a ward full of visitors
All dignity was stripped from her.
She was suffering twice over:
Once from the pain of the operation,
And secondly from constipation.
"Don't worry," the cheerful nurse said
"We'll give you an enema,
And that should get you going."
As the blinds were drawn around her,
We knew why....
Life in the Fast Lane
There were three foxes
One Badger
A blackbird and some hedgehogs
On the motorway this morning.
Which only goes to prove
That we car drivers
Have not lost contact with nature.

1 comment:

alexa said...

Ouch! Fred really knew how to write a last line...