Saturday, 20 April 2013

March in Numbers (better late than never)

I know we are more than halfway through April, but here is my March in Numbers (linking up with Julie Kirk, whose brilliant idea this is)
5 non-uniform days at school
£44.84 raised by Puffin class for the Copper Drive
15 extra hours taught (that's the equivalent of an extra week)
3 cards, 12 roses, 4 daffodils,  2 Weetabix and 6 Treasure Hunt clues received for Mother's Day
10 hours of preparation for 1 observed lesson
£75 million raised by Comic Relief (£10 from us)
1 new Pope and 1 new Archbishop of Canterbury
66.8mm of rainfall
16 days of sub-zero temperatures
9 people for Good Friday lunch


Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the background photo you used for this.

Julie Kirk said...

The Smashbook definitely seems to be working for you - as does using collaged photos.

And there's been a lot of fundraising going on in Month in Numbers-world lately too. We must be a good lot at heart!

Thanks for oining in and linking up - your post is on the board now: I've added you to the board now:

Happy rest of April to you + yours.

Julie :-)

Suzy said...

Great idea to put it in a smashbook. Sounds like a busy month for you