Saturday, 20 April 2013

Saturday roundup - 20th March

Back to reality with a shock. None of us had to be in school on Monday so we stretched the holiday by travelling back then. Glad we did, or we would have missed the only 2 warm days we had. We actually went out on deck on the ferry! The downside, though, was getting up for school and work at 7am after going to bed at midnight!
It takes no time at all for work mode to kick in. The holiday is already a distant memory and we are looking forward to the next one in 6 weeks. P doesn't go back to work until next week but, unfortunately, he came home with "Bubonic plague" so he was not best pleased on Wednesday when M's school was closed because it had no water. I was enrolling new students all day so he had to babysit. Fortunately the school reopened on Thursday.

We filled all our classes again for the next term and, thankfully, we also have 2 new teachers so I'm hoping I can just concentrate on my own 3 groups this term.

One of colleagues officially started her maternity leave this week so the core ESOL team came over to my house for lunch. Very pleasant to chat outside of the office - we are friends as well as colleagues, but it is always work conversation when we are at work.

R had a 4-hour technical rehearsal this morning and again tomorrow, ahead of his show next week. M was at a school friend's 6th birthday party in the afternoon.

'Britain's Got Talent' has started again. Not my cup of tea at all, but Robert loves Simon Cowell, and I like being able to watch a 'real' programme with him, instead of the American animations he is normally glued to, so we have created a new Saturday evening routine of BGT as family time.

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