Monday, 21 January 2013

Playing with the black/white and low F-stop lens

Yippee. Despite the snow still on the ground, my college and both kids' schools were open today, but the community centre where I should have been teaching wasn't!!

So I went into college and did all the work I would have done on Friday afternoon, if we hadn't been sent home early.  Bit of a battle to find a working photocopier but after that I was free to take my camera up to church for a short photo safari.

I'm lucky enough to worship at a beautiful 800-year old church (claims to fame: King Henry VIII probably worshipped there while at his hunting lodge and it has the oldest door in the county!) It looked very atmospheric in the snow so I converted some of my favourite snaps to black and white, which I think heightens the contrast.


Mad about Craft said...

Fantastic photos!!

Gwen Ward said...

Great photo's Kirsty.

Ruth said...

Stunning photos. Did you take a photo of the door?

humel said...

They are super photos :) Glad you got some catch up time, too - and I'm sorry to hear that the schools process was such a saga, but so good to hear that you've found the 'right' school for R now x