Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday roundup - 19th January

Hello, again. I'm really glad I decided to do these weekly roundup posts (my mess-free version of Project Life), because I haven't had time to blog anything else all week. My Roundup weeks are running Sunday to Saturday, which means we get to start and end with a weekend day.

12th Jan was my youngest nephew's 7th birthday which, of course, involved homemade pizza, lots of playing with X-Box (the boys) and dollies (the girls) and a fab cake created by my sister-in-law.
Photo: Jacks golf birthday cake x house is destroyed oh dear

Although I had found an acceptable second choice school last week, I made a final secondary school visit on Monday to the largest school in the area (and the one I attended nearly 30 years ago) - which I had totally dismissed in the first wave of looking. I was looking for the reasons why it was unsuitable as evidence for appeal...but I didn't find any! It knocked me for six. I had been certain I was never going to send my son there, and I was amazed to find that my gut feeling was for that big school. I much, much prefered it to the one I saw last Friday.

 I took R to visit both of the shortlisted schools and (prepare to be amazed if you know my son) HE AGREED WITH ME (trust me, it doesn't happen often!) He felt much happier at the big school than the smaller one and it has several advantages such as being close to my parents' home and the fact that some of his good friends will be going there. The disabled access arrangements are excellent and I feel confident that R will be safe. This is a huge weight off my shoulders. I am still scared about him going to secondary school, but do feel much happier now I know where he is going (I have been assured that this time, it's a shoo-in)
This week, I have also taken on an extra evening class (for overtime) as a colleague is ill. (A colleague who's also a friend and who reads this blog, so big hugs, R) Not sure how long for, but I'll be babysitting the class for at least a couple of weeks. I don't like teaching in the evenings, but the extra money will come in handy and hepefully R will be back on her feet very soon.

The week finished with a half day due to the heavy snow (which started at 8.30 Friday morning and is still falling) I tried to enjoy it, I really did, but the fact is I had loads of work to do at college on Friday afternoon which I couldn't get done because the college and both kids' schools closed. I had also arranged a babysitter for P and I to have a rare evening out at the cinema and that wasn't possible either. So we were disappointed, although R and M managed to have fun in the garden for an hour.
This sequence is definitely a layout-in-waiting
The snow is still there today which meant all scheduled activities were cancelled, although we haven't had any fresh snowfall. Ten-year old teenager-in-training, R, therefore took a pyjama day while 5 1/2 year old M spent as much time as she could bear outside. This is her single-handed creation:

P spent most of the day playing Internet chess. And me? I cleaned the bathroom, put away the washing and did my marking and preparation for a lesson which might/might not be cancelled on Monday. And went for a snowy walk with M.


Anonymous said...

well done Kirsty, what a week!!!
so glad all sorted for school, and hope you spend all the extra cash on scrapping stuff! thanks for stepping in, you're a trouper, love R xx

Sian said...

That's wonderful news about the school. I'm delighted!

I like your round up posts - lots of great chat and a good read

S said...

Well, I am sure it feels good to have such an important thing decided. Good luck with the "old" new school. And yes, I can see a couple of layouts coming from those photos - scrap on!