Monday, 31 December 2012

JYC Day 31 2012 in Numbers Quiz - the Answers

A very Happy New Year to you.

We are partying at a friend's tonight and won't be home until Wednesday so I had to schedule this post to make the answer to Question 8 correct. Hope you are all having an exciting New Year's Eve, whatever you are doing.

The questions were posed on the previous post, so scroll down if you care to make a guess before you check.

1. How many days did Paul spend in France in 2012?  75

2. How many years of Elizabeth IIs reign did we celebrate in June?  b)60  
3. How many books did Kirsty read in 2012 (on Kindle and on paper? c)85 (at least, but I can only verify the Kindle books)
4. How many scrapbook pages did Kirsty make in 2012? c)54 (one a week on average)
5. How many days did Robert spend on the Isle of Wight with his class in October?c)5
6. How many times did we travel by train to London in 2012?  a) 3
7. How many theatre trips did we make in 2012? c)6
8. How many blog posts did Kirsty publish in 2012? a)200  (including this one!)
9. How many photographs did Kirsty take in 2012? b)972  
10. How many words worth more than 100 points did Kirsty play in Words With Friends in 2012?  a)   
11. How much rain fell in the UK in 2012?  b) more than a metre  according to BBC Weather
12. How many medals did the combined Olympic and Paralympic teams win for Great Britain at London 2012? a)185 

0-5        Could do better.  You must have been too busy with your own life to remember mine
6-10      Well done. Should I be flattered, or do you need to get out more?
11 or more       Your name must be Kirsty!


Maria Ontiveros said...

This was so clever! I love it.

S said...

I didn't do so well, I need to pay better attention this year. Happy 2013 to you!