Monday, 31 December 2012

JYC Day 30. 2012 in Numbers - the quiz

As a round up of my Month in Numbers, I thought I'd do a review of the year. As I'm a teacher, a multiple choice quiz seemed appropriate.

A Year in Numbers Quiz - Answers in the next post!
1. How many days did P spend in France in 2012?
a)75  b)85  c)95

2. How many years of Elizabeth IIs reign did we celebrate in June?
a)50  b)60  c)65

3. How many books did I read in 2012 (on Kindle and on paper?)
                a)65  b)75  c)85

4. How many scrapbook pages did I make in 2012?
                a)35  b)45  c)55

5. How many days did R spend on the Isle of Wight with his class in October?
                a) 3  b)4  c)5

6. How many times did we travel by train to London in 2012?
                a) 3  b)4  c)5
7. How many theatre trips did we make in 2012?
                a) 0  b)3  c)6

8. How many blog posts did I publish in 2012?
                a)200  b)250  c)300

9. How many photographs did I take in 2012?
                a) 860  b)972  c) 1023

10. How many words worth more than 100 points did I play in Words With Friends in 2012?
                a) 5  b)10  c)15

11. How much rain fell in the UK in 2012?
                a) more than a foot  b) more than a metre  c) more than a yard

12. How many medals did the combined Olympic and Paralympic teams win for Great Britain at London 2012?
                a)185  b)210  c) 176

Answers in the next post!                                                               

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S said...

What a fun wrap-up post. Can't wait to see how many I got right. Happy New Year.