Thursday, 20 December 2012

JYC Day 20 - The act of giving

I have always supported various charities but, now I have children, and only work part-time, my ability to give financially is much reduced. The only ones I give to regularly now are White Lodge, to which R and I owe a great deal, and our church.

This week, though, after repeated requests, R has Adopted a Snow Leopard through WWW. (Obviously R does not have a bank account which would allow this so P has made some changes to money he puts into R's bank account and then made the necessary arrangements). R was over the moon to receive an email from WWW yesterday, giving him some details about the beautiful endangered creature. There are only 10 individuals in the area of Nepal he is currently supporting.
He will not miss this money, as he can't access his account anyway, but I am proud of the sentiment which made him want to do it.

I also know that he has spent at least some of the money I gave to spend at the school fayres on buying gifts for me and P, for the first year. He is turning into a very thoughtful and caring boy.

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