Friday, 21 December 2012

JYC Day 21 - Right here, right now

We have finally come to the end of what has apparently been the longest state school Autumn term for 40 years. 18 weeks I've done (inc. half term!!)

Today I walked with M's class to church to take part in the Carol Service. A lovely event, although I question the scheduling that put Year 6 trumpeters who have had only 10 lessons directly following 'Holy Night' sung by a  TA with the most astonishing soprano voice. A little unfair on the young tooters!! The school also sung a special goodbye to our vicar who is retiring after 24 years, which was very moving.

After walking back, I went straight into college to 'teach' the last lesson of the term. What they actually did was answer a Christmas quiz and watch an animated version of 'A Christmas Carol' (here, if you are interested), but it is valid Citizenship teaching for my ESOL 6th Formers.

Then it was time for the college Christmas Lunch. My first turkey this season, and very delicious. Nice, also to spend social time with colleagues I usually only say hello to. My Secret Santa gift was very safe (I assume they didn't know who I was as I am only on site 3 days a week), but I never say no to chocolate biscuits!

I am now feeling very tired, but I don't have much left to do except prep the veg and tidy the house on Christmas Eve, so I plan to spend a lazy weekend at home.


alexa said...

I hope you have a lovely restful time of it after all the busyness of the week - though those events sound very Christmassy!

Maria Ontiveros said...

For me, I never get to enjoy Christmas until school is out for the kids.
I'm enjoying a nice lie-in this morning. It's rainy out and the kids do not have to get up for quite a while (Henry has a soccer game at 1:00).