Thursday, 20 December 2012

JYC Day 18 - The Main Meal

Continuing on from yesterday's shopping list, It's time to consider why we will be eating what we will be eating. This year, we just couldn't decide what was more special; P and his Dad love Beef Wellington, which is a rare treat. The kids and I wanted a traditional turkey. So we are having both!
Yes, it's extragavant. Yes, it's unnecessary. But it will be delicious and the leftovers will be epic. And it is Christmas!

P will prepare the Beef and my mother-in-law has taken charge of the turkey so that puts me in the twin roles of sous-chef and pastry chef. That suits me fine, as I can make my chocolate Yule Log the day before and just reheat a bought Christmas pud. My Mum is bringing a trifle. I will peel the veg on Christmas Eve too, so I shouldn't have to spend hours in the kitchen on Christmas morning. 

This all sounds like an enormous amount of food for one day, but I rationalise it that Christmas lunch always becomes Christmas tea (we won't eat cheese or dessert until early evening) so that's 2 meals not 1. There will be leftovers for a several days after that and I have no intention of setting foot in a supermarket again until at least 28th December (famous last words - last year I was down there on Boxing Day morning!)

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