Friday, 30 November 2012

Goodbye November, Hello Advent

It's finally the of November, the month I like least of all. November is all work and no play. I've had piles of college marking as we count down to the exams and done most of my Christmas shopping. The weather has been unusually mild for most of the month, but the heavy rain and dark mornings are depressing. I'm happy to be done with November.

This weekend, the fun begins.

This afternoon, I'll be setting up the first of 2 school Christmas fayres at which I'm helping. I'm on the 'Decorate a Biscuit' stall for an hour and then I get to take M to visit Santa's Grotto.anbd R if he still wants to go)

On Saturday, I'll be at the other school at 8.30 to set up. I will take R to drama, M and her friend to a birthday party and get back to the school to man the games from 11-12. Then, again, I can go and spend money at the fayre.

Journal Your Christmas kicks off on Saturday and the kids will be gleefully opening the first door on their chocolate Advent calendars (2 each).

Saturday afternoon, from 4-6, I'm running the church youth group for 8-11 year olds (imaginatively called '8-11') In 2 hours we will be creating a gingerbread nativity, baking and eating pizzas and making the Advent crown for church. Mmmm, might we have bitten off more (gingerbread) than we can chew? We'll see.

Then home to light the Advent candle, read the first chapter of Jostein Gaarder's 'The Christmas Mystery' (I thoroughly recommend it. We re-read it every year) and collapse in front of 'The X-Factor' and 'I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here.'

Sunday morning will see us back at church for the final rehearsal before the nativity play next week, then popping over to the Scraploonies Crop to join their Bring and Share Christmas lunch. Whether I'll have the energy to do any actual scrapping remains to be seen but, as I said, JYC has started... and I haven't been to the crop for several months.

Phew! Bring it on!


Lynn said...

Phew I'm exhausted just reading your post - what a busy weekend. Good luck with the fairs and youth group!

Ruth said...

I'm another who is exhausted by just reading this post! Have fun!

Sian said...

I used to love those school Christmas fairs - all that excitement! Yes, November has seemed exceptionally dark this year. Bring on December

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