Friday, 7 September 2012

The Organised Housewife

Not a great place for me to start - I have no floor in the kitchen or dining room. and the insurance company has refused to cover the work. It was R's 10th birthday yesterday so loading the dishwasher and clearing the post-party detritus was the only task accomplishe3d before we left for the Paralympics at the Excel centre.
I did this on Wedne.sday, along with the children's room. R had gone back to school and M tidied her own room, in return for a final trip to Soft Play, before her first day on Thursday
I'd love a utility room but I don't have one  so I just did my normal 2 loads of washing and concentrated on getting all the children's stuff ready for school. I'm usually fairly on top of the laundry, to be honest - mostly because I only iron what I absolutely have to!
Did half of this on Wednesday as well. The other half is covered with my craft stuff which I've had to move out of the dining room.
DAY 5 - THE FLOORS. Bedroom done. Downstairs not possible, for obvious reasons. This was my first day alone in an empty house for 6 weeks so I needed to savour it. Did the shopping and caught up with my blogging and printing.


humel said...

Well done - that sounds like a good week!

I blitzed my kitchen on Monday, but we have 2 cupboards under our sink so I just did the smaller one; this was handy on Wednesday cos we don't have a laundry either so I tackled the other cupboard under the sink in which things like washing powder live! (I also scrubbed the floor in there, tile by tile, which I certainly wouldn't have had time for on Monday...)

Did our bedroom on Tuesday, including finally getting rid of an ancient computer that's been cluttering up the corner for over 2 years (*blush!*) I only managed half of the living room yesterday too, but the floors shouldn't take too long today (they're either pretty clear already, or they're in The Boy's bedroom so I can't even see the carpet...) so I hope to complete the living room today too.

Yay for us!! lol! We're both doing well - hope we can both keep it up! :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I did the kitchen and laundry room! Felt very good about those. For the floors, I washed all the area rugs (the cleaners come today and clean the floors). I started the lounge (living room) and our bedroom. Hope to finish those today. I'm going to go back to the garage for the weekend.