Tuesday, 4 September 2012

London 2012 Paralympics - and some sneeky Photoshopping

London 2012 was amazing, but pretty difficult to photograph. I actually used Manual Focus!!! to get these:

The player on the right is Brit Paul Davies who went on to win Bronze

Unfortunately, I forget to change my settings when I came out into the main concourse and one of the volunteer Gamesmakers offered to take a picture of us all. Sooo disappointing when I realised this was the only picture I had of us together:

I did what I could to reduce the 'noise' in Photoshop Elements, but it was still rubbish, so I decided to take a more radical approach. I sweet-talked P and R into dressed up in their Olympic Gear again and organised a photoshoot in the garden.

I then used the Background eraser tool in PSE to cut us out.
(Not the final version - still needed to tidy the background)
This, plus a background shot of the ExCel centre when we arrived
equalled this:
Not perfect, but good enough to scrap, especially if I decoupage our family group and make a feature of it being 'photoshopped in'. I can't wait to get started on a page or three about our Paralympic adventure, but I'll have to be patient until i can get back into our dining room which currently has no floor and no furniture.

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humel said...

That's a clever way to get over your disappointment! I hope you can use the original in some way, too :)