Sunday, 9 September 2012

Learn Something New Days 1-8

Finally, I have a smart new floor in the kitchen and dining room and I can get at my stash. I was up at 6.30 this morning with itchy crafting fingers as I haven't been able to do anything since we got back from our holiday to find a drying patch of concrete where the dining room joins the kitchen. This lino is not what I would have chosen if the insurance company had agreed to cover it, but it's better than it was before, and I'm trying hard to be grateful.

I have several half finished layouts to complete, but decided to catch up with LSNED first.
I printed all Shimelle's 6x4 cards (at 5x3) and I'm writing straight onto them. I pulled out a selection of small red embellishments which go with some red Motherhood stickers by 97% Complete which I've had for ages, and which support the topic I'm focussing on this month. I will put some of them back-to-back and some I'll back with photos, but at the moment I'm just working on the front of the cards. I've got a back recycled box which they fit in perfectly, or I might bind them into a mini-book. Haven't decided yet.
These are my lessons for the first week (not all connected to R, or to Motherhood)

1. My last big adventure started exactly 10 years ago - becoming a parent.
2. You can trust your family, not the insurance company
3. Wearing school shoes again after 6 weeks of sandals and trainers makes us sad.
4. This house is where we stay in termtime. France is where we live int he holidays. Is this wrong?
5. Kids only think of now. It's my job to prepare them for the future.
6. I'm always grateful for a day by myself.
7. Don't get too attached to your plans- someone else might change them for you.
8. I'd love to grow vegetables in the garden

How are you getting on?


humel said...

I love your floor - in fact, we're hoping to get our kitchen floor done soon and I shall probably go for something quite similar! So pleased for you that it's done at last :)

And your project is looking great, the accents set off the cards beautifully, and that's a really interesting mix of things learnt so far, too.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Nice to see your round-up. I've got my next one set for Tuesday.

Melissa said...

I'm not creating anything for LSNED, but I am reading the prompts and recording my thoughts/lessons learned each day. Hoping to do a roundup post for each week similar to yours. Just returned today from a 4-day crop, so I'll have to catch up tomorrow.