Sunday, 2 September 2012

It's September - time for New (School) Year Resolutions

I hope you don't mind me sharing my schedule and resolutions for the next school year. I need to be held accountable so I don't fall off the wagon. Feel free to give me a kick if you think I'm starting to slip at any time!

Having finished my French A level and as I was unsuccessful in my request for more teaching hours, I should, in theory, have a little bit more time to myself during the working week. I say 'in theory'.....

These are my regular term time commitments, around which I have to fit all my marking, planning, housework, shopping, helping with kids' homework and crafting:

MONDAY:        Teaching 9-11.30am; M's swimming lesson 4-4.30pm; R's Cubs 6.45-8.15pm
TUESDAY:       Teaching 9.30-11.30am; International Club 12.40-1.40pm; Teaching 1.40-3pm
WEDNESDAY: Teaching 9-11.30am; Staff meeting 12.30-1.30pm; teaching 1.40-4.00pm;             
                           M's Rainbows 5-6pm; R's Cubs 6-7pm
THURSDAY:    Day off
FRIDAY:           Teaching 9.30-11.30am; Teaching 11.40-12.40
SATURDAY:    R's Drama 10.30-11.40am
SUNDAY:         Church & Sunday School 10-11.30am

R is starting Yr 6 this year (the last year of Primary school in the UK) and the thought of him at Secondary School is very scary. He has hemiplegia, he is immature for his age, and his birthday is on 31st August so he is the youngest possible for his year. All of this means there is a big gap between how is now and how he will be expected to be in 12 months' time. I have a year to prepare him as well as possible for that big transition.

There are a few practical things I can do to help him - teach him to do up buttons (not at all an easy task for a child who can't use the fingers on one hand); make sure he knows his times tables; encourage him to write joined up all the time; teach him to tell the time. But, what is more difficult; he needs to grow up by about 2 and a half years in 1 calendar year. I want him to be more independant and take responsibility for his own work. I want him to use verbal negotiation skills instead of crying if he doesn't get his own way

All this means I have to be totally 100% available for R, when he is at home, whilst also giving M what she needs as a Yr 1 pupil. All my housework and college work will therefore have to be done during the school day. I am aiming not to do any of my own work in the evenings or weekends.

My aim is to post weekly(ish) about any successes. I want to focus on the success. R does not have learning difficulties, he has a physical disability and the very worse that can happen is that he will make 'only' a normal year's progress in a year, which can hardly be counted as a failure.

As if September wasn't already the busiest month of the year (with the possible exception of December, but that's fun-busy) I have also signed up for the 20 Days to Clean and Ordganise your Home Challenge at the Organised Housewife. I am already pretty organised, I think, so I'm just going to follow along with the tips that suit me. I will link my updates about this to my weekly posts about R's progress.

I have also decided to play along with Shimelle's Learn Something New Every day. I didn't take part last year, so this year I want to keep the focus on family life, not forgetting P and M as well as R. I like Shimelle's idea of an Everyday Scrapbooking Adventure and this will give me a little time to myself each day as well. Expect weekly update posts on this too, but on a different day.

Wish me luck!


heart.hearth.home. said...

Wow, you have an impressively busy workload and family life to keep you occupied this school year. Look forward to your posts on LSNED and being organised. Irene

Anonymous said...

hi Kirsty, better a messy house and a sane mother, or that what I thought till I had a tidy house, very calming! I've used for years now and she's really sensible about running a home and not getting overwhelmed. Btw am dead good at organising cupboards etc so any time you want an hour or two to relax let me know and can pop round and work my magic: I am recommended!! xx Rachel B

Alison said...

It certainly sounds as though you have a busy year ahead...wishing you success with all your projects!
Alison xx

Kirsty.a said...

Are you any good at laying floors Rachel? I get open any of my cupboards at tyhe moment due to the fact that we have no dining room floor and all the furniture is in other rooms

Anonymous said...

mm, sorry Kirsty, that's definitely a man's job, and my daughter's laminate floor still waiting its edges, started when she was 16, she's 24 and living in London now!! That's the flaw, flylady has a Tom, my sister has found a man called Billy, when I find a handyman will let you know! Mike a great cook, so have eaten a lot in that time, o and i bought a book on diy for women, and wrote a list saying fix floor, looks like procrastination is also one of my skills!!! X Rachel

Melissa said...

Good luck Kirsty! Sounds like you will be busy. I love your commitment to the family. It sounds like R is doing great despite being a little behind "normal." I've always felt that was such a relevant term. If he continually making progress that is awesome. I've said a prayer that he has an especially good year & is ready for Secondary when it starts! Looking forward to our updates.

Amy said...

You have a busy timetable Kirsty and I can understand how you need to be really on focus once the children are home. Good luck with the added extras and I hope R thrives throughout the year. M too of course!

Maria Ontiveros said...

keeping up so far with LSNED, and I start the 20 days tomorrow.

humel said...

Good luck - we'll all be cheering you on! I'm doing the 20 day challenge, too - today was manic so I'm a bit behind, but will finish organising my living room tomorrow and if necessary postpone doing my floors till Saturday. I'm feeling motivated by it, which is good!