Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Not much, as you can see. We got home from France at 1am on Tuesday and I had to be at college at 9am. This is the state of my dining room, which we came home to. There was a leaking pipe under the floor so my Good Ole Dad, who had only poppede in to feed our fish had to call out a plumber and get it fixed. I started dealings with the insurance company yesterday. I am hoping they will pay for the whole extension to be refloored. The lino in the kitchen (behind me) has also been ripped, and I've been wanting a new kitchen floor for years!!
On my actual desk, I've just dumped the craft stuff I took on holiday with me - might get a chance to sort it out and put away the layouts I made at the weekend, but don't be surprised if it still looks like this next Wednesday. We are in the throes of enrolment at college for the next 3 weeks and my children go back to school on Wednesday. NOT my favourite time of year. 


Twiglet said...

Every cloud has a silver lining. Hope its soon fixed and you get a shiny new floor too. x Jo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh blimey, what a thing to happen while you were away - good job your dad was there to find out. Let's hope the insurance company sorts everything out quickly!
Hugs, LLJ #71 xx

okienurse said...

what a horrible thing to come home to after vacation...but like Jo said it has a silver lining. I got a new roof last year when a horrible storm came through and destroyed my yard, fence, and dinged up the roof enough the insurance company replaced it all. YAY! Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. vickie #67

humel said...

Oh, no - not nice to come home to! Wishing you smooth dealings with the insurance company x

Lisa-Jane said...

Pants to that mess greeting you but silver linings, a new floor! Hope it all gets sorted soon. #76

trisha too said...

Oh my, Kirsty--NOT what anyone would want to come home to find!!!

trisha, #148 this week

505whimsygirl said...

Hey Kirsty,

I hope your insurance pays for your new kitchen flooring. Especially since you've wanted a change for a while!!! That would work, right.

Still visiting desks even though it's Thursday.

Hugs, Kay #17

Amy said...

Urghhhh, what an annoying thing to have happened. Hopefully your insurance will cover the costs - at least that helps with the inconvenience!

Tertia said...

Hope you got sorted with the insurance and they decided to pay for the new floors.
Happy very belated WOYWW!
Tertia #49