Monday, 10 September 2012

Book review - Scrapbooking mysteries

OK. I am risking my reputation as a reader of serious fiction by reviewing these, but they are such fun and I wonder if you know about them.
The Kiki Lowenstein series by Joanna Campbell Slan features the owner of a Scrapbooking store, who just can't help but get entangled in mystery and adventutre. Along with the (frankly, often quite weak whodunnit) you also get recipes and scrapbooking projects from Kiki and her friends. She's especially into Zentangle and altered books, it seems.  Some of these books are short stories, so don't be disappointed when you download something onto your Kindle for only 77p. It probably won't be a full-length novel.
The heroine of Laura Childs' series is Carmela Bertrand, who also owns a scrapbooking store, this time in New Orleans. She is also generous with her recipes and scrapbooking tips, but the plots in these full-length stories are more developed and I love the New Orleans atmosphere Laura CHilds manages to draw - it's on my Want-To-Visit list.
If you're after a light read, these are a guilty pleasure and worth a go, if only for the rather naff scrapbooking-related titles and metaphors ("Catch the killer or be cropped out of her own family album") 

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Sian said...

These do sound like a bit of fun. Hey, maybe we should start trying to write a few ourselves?