Monday, 10 September 2012

(Another) Ten Things on the Tenth

I know this is my 2nd 10 Things post, but it is Shimelle's game and she challenged her LSNED participants to blog 10 things they have learned, so, ever obedient, I have done just that.

TenThings I Have Learned From My Foreign Students:
1. How to say 'hello' and 'Merry Christmas' in several languages.
2. Where exactly Azerbajan is (and other countries)
3. The religious reasoning behind Jihad (they make it sound scarily logical)
4. That Prince Charles has a holiday home in Rumania
5. That the Portuguese language has a Past Past Perfect tense ( to describe something that happened before something that had already happened!)
6. That working mums can still find time to study...
7. But that family will always take precedence over homework.
8. That my students' most popular 'hobbies' are sleeping and shopping!
9. That no matter how carefully I explain something, there will always be someone who doesn't get it (and this doesn't only apply in the classroom)
10 That if I carefully plan a lesson with a particular student in mind, he/she will be absent for that lesson


Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL! These are all classic.

Melissa said...

Great lessons & #10 brought back memories of my teaching days!

Tammy said...

Great list of learned things! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!