Friday, 13 July 2012

6 down, 15 to go

I have another 3 finds to share from the last week.

7. Someone playing a musical instrument
This is my eldest nephew playing in his school steel band at our town's Party in the Park. He's in the red hoodie. It was the first time I have heard them play - and they are fab. A really cool sound.

8. A statue of an angel
Our town Square has been a building site for months, but I knew I'd be able to get this picture as soon as all the scaffolding had been removed. This is the War Memorial and, until very recently, it stood in front of the library, but there has been a major renovation and the library is now out of sight behind the new Cafe Rouge. That's my Statue of an Angel.

13. A library
Since I couldn't kill two birds with one stone with the last picture, I took a snap of the Learning Resource Centre (library to you and me) at college.

That's six down, fifteen to go. How are you getting on?


Maria Ontiveros said...

Such happy drummers! And the library is very inviting.

Melissa said...

Way to go with three more finds. I like the library entrance!