Monday, 11 June 2012

May in Numbers

Continuing the 'Month in Numbers' inspired by Julie Kirk, I've just made my May page. I love this sort of monthly record - it's mangeable enough (I know I would get stressed by Project Life or Photo 365 projects) but it is a challenge to make each page different. My Smashbook is the perfect place for it.

Sorry the photo is so rubbish - it's still raining here, and if I wait for it to stop I may not get this blogged until July!
The numbers are:
4 words scoring 100+ in Words With Friends ( a time-wasting Facebook game, which I rather wish I'd never started)
2 French oral exams
2 nights under canvas for R at Cub camp
100 years celebrated of the school where my husband works
1st Reception Class Assembly
10 children under 5 making pizzas at M's birthday party

For more 'Months in Numbers', why not pay Julie a visit?


Sian said...

10 kids making pizzas? Wow! Hard work, though it does sound like a great party

Julie Kirk said...

No, I'd go a bit lopy trying to do a 365 / Project Life thing too! Hence why I'm happy with my monthly round-ups! Gald you are too.

I bet the assembly was adorable + those little chefs too!

Thanks for joining in Kirsty, I've pinned your post with the others now:

I hope the rain stops soon [for all our sakes!]

Julie :-)