Sunday, 10 June 2012

10 Friends on the 10th

I spend a lot of time blogging and scrapping my family, but today, as part of Shimelle's Ten Things on the Tenth Blog hop,  I want to pay tribute to my friends. I am lucky to have some really good friends, from different stages in my life, who are still very important to me.

Shockingly, I couldn't find any digital photos of some of them.  I had to resort to stealing their Facebook profile pics and, in one case, scanning in an old scrapbook page. Shame on me! I am now determined to take more photos of us in future- not just of the children.

They are approximately in order of how long I have known them.

1. Fleur. Our mum's were antenatal buddies so we have known each other all her life (she's 2 months younger than me) Despite having always lived at a distance and seeing each other rarely we were bridesmaids at each other's weddings and I would describe her as one of my best friends. I love her generosity and common sense.,

2. Gayle. One day younger than me (and she loves to tease me about it) Gayle is the only person I can say anything to and know I won't be judged, although she will not pull any punches if she thinks I'm making a mistake.We met at primary school and have always been best friends.  Gayle was my birth partner when M was born (my husband refused to be with me a second time after I had a difficult time giving birth to R) and she is M's godmother. One of the most generous people I know, she would do anything for anyone.

 3. Jacinta. We have also known other since school and are still close, despite not having time to meet up very often. Jacinta is a card maker so we met for occasional crafty sessions. A sincere, intelligent Christian and a loyal friend.

 4. Jane. Jane was another of my bridesmaids. We met in Germany on a youth camp and quickly discovered we had a lot in common - languages, annoying brothers and a love of travel. We spent a month Interrailing in Europe in 1998 - a test of true friendship if anything is! She and her husband are M's other godparents.  I recently emailed Jane to arrange to meet up for the first time this year. The first weekend we both have free is mid-September! Modest, generous, hardworking and always good for a laugh.

 5. Amanda. We worked together for a summer 10 years ago and became firm friends. Amanda is also a teacher, R's godmother and a shareholder in our house in France. A hard-working and deep-thinking Catholic, she is generous with her time and always up for a laugh.

6. Helen. We met in 1991 when we were both teaching in the Czech Republic. We were part of a group of friends but she is the only one I have kept in touch with.  She's a kind and generous Christian. (See a pattern emerging here? I've never really thought about the qualities which define all my best friends - I have a 'type'!)

 7. Suzanne and 8. Christine are both friends I have made though my children. Suzanne is the mother of Robert's best friend, Stef and Christine's daughter, Phebe, is Mary's best schoolfriend. Christine also child-minded Mary for a year when I first went back to work.

9. Julie, 10 Rachel, 11 Christine and 12 Mary (OK, I know it's cheating,  but I can't miss anyone out) are current colleagues whom I consider friends. I don't take pictures at work though and neither Mary nor Julie 'do' facebook. And yes, these last 6 all fit the 'type' as well!

Make new friends
And keep the old
One is silver
And the other gold


Ruth said...

What a lovely post to do!

Connie Mercer said...

you are blessed!!

Jennifer Grace said...

Aw, what a lovely list of friends, you're so lucky! And yes, make sure you take more photos of them! x

Sian said...

What a lovely idea for a ten! And I think what your very enjoyable list shows is what a good friend you are - these girls obviously really enjoy your company :)

Amy said...

Oh yes, this is a lovely idea for a post and more importantly, a good reminder to take photos of people other than our children!