Friday, 15 June 2012

In Love With The Bar Keeper's Friend

It may sound like the title of a racy Mills & Boon, but it's sadly much more mundane.

No one who knows me would describe me as a Domestic Goddess, but I do like a clean house and, since we can't afford a cleaner, that means I have to do the housework on occasion.

Usually I do the minimum to keep the visible surfaces at an acceptable level of cleanliness, but then there are those times when the bathroom really needs a deeper level of attention.

Unfortunately today was one of those times. However, I went to Asda this afternoon to do my weekly shop. I have no store-loyalty. I go to Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons or Tesco depending on where my weekly schedule takes me. Today it was Asda, (next door to Hobbycraft, but that's another story). Anyway I found this in the cleaning aisle:

Just £3 and my afternoon of cleaning was (whisper it) a joy.

It's fantastic. I'm not proud of the state my taps were in, but a zap with the Bar Keeper's Friend and they are shining like new. It was no more effort that my usual routine, but with a much better results. What's not to love?

So, if it's available where you are, I would thoroughly recommend a bottle of this.

And here ends today's public service announcement!


JulieJ said...

Thanks Kirsty - I shall give it a try. My bathroom is in dire need. I work fulltime and DD lives with my parents during the week, so I want to spend weekends with her rather than doing housework - so needless to say things tend to build up!
I suppose I could spend less time scrapping and blogging.................

Kirsty.a said...

No, don't do that Julie!

Anonymous said...

Works brilliantly on dark brown stains on wooden worktops caused by e.g. aluminium cans or unglazed porcelain