Monday, 25 June 2012

Craft magazine giveaway

One job which has been  on my To Do list for far too long was to go through all these magazines and tear out just the pages I really wanted to keep. There is a shocking number here (I am a sucker for craft mags) and they date back to Christmas 2010!

I don't regret the money spent on them - I read them from cover to cover, then go back and study the project pictures more carefully and read the stash list so I don't miss any details. then I keep them, thinking I'll refer to them for inspiration.

The truth is, though, I have actually made a tiny handful of the projects. So I spent a pleasant couple of hours flicking through them all and reducing the pile to a fraction of it's former height.

That means that I have all these mags to either put in the recycling bin or give away to people who might enjoy them. I have already donated some to my children's schools and good friends, but the rest are yours if you would like them.

There are a number of back issues of the following titles:
Papercraft Inspirations
Scrap 365
Scrapbooking Magazine
Simply Homemade
Mollie Makes
some French scrapbook magazines  - which have good visual instructions even if you don't read French .

I'm sorry but I can only afford to post to addresses in the UK.

Become a Follower, if you're not already and leave me a comment saying w hether you are interested in just the papercraft titles or general crafting. You'll receive a random selection of around 4 titles. I want them gone before we leave for France so I'll make the draw on Saturday 30th June.

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