Monday, 25 June 2012

Hello Monday

Hello day off - although I work part-time and Monday has officially been my day off this year, I've been attending French A Level lessons so this is the first Monday I have genuinely not had to work.

Hello last lessons - this is the last teaching week of the year.

Hello Statement Review Meeting - the Annual meeting of professionals involved in R's schooling  is rarely a joyous occasion. Being the mum of a child with a Statement of Special Needs is hard sometimes often.

Hello Shelter Building in the the Woods with 20 Cubs. I'm on Parent's Rota-Duty tonight!

Hello Pimms and Strawberries at R's Sports Day on Wednesday. I'll be selling them, but that doesn't mean I can't partake.

Hello School Summer Fayres. Both my kids' school fairs are at the same time this year so I will have to split myself in 2, but I have decided not to volunteer to man (woman?) any stalls. I'll just spend time with the children.

I saw this 'Hello Monday' on Amy's blog and I think it started here. What will your week hold?

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Amy said...

At this time of the year I am always jealous that so many of you are finishing up and getting ready for the summer holidays!
Will you be blogging from France this year Kirsty? I'd love to learn more about the area where your house is - I find it fascinating .... France in general that is!