Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My girl in glasses

I took M to the optician's 2 weeks ago following a routine sight screening at school. I had noticed nothing so I was absolutely gutted to watch her struggling to read the letters on the chart. I turns out she has astigimatism in both eyes and needs to wear glasses all the time.

She has chosen a pretty pair of pink ones and has taken to wearing very easily, for which I am grateful. It helps that her best boyfriend, Freddie, got his new glasses 3 weeks ago. But it's sad that her ambition to be a pilot will probably not now be possible - and I was so looking forward to those free flights!

I was so scared the glasses would change her beautiful face, but I like her in them. She is still my beautiful girl, though I think they make her look older than her just-turned-5 years.

We are trying to be very positive about this new change, as who knows how long she will have to wear them for and I really don't want her to be defined by them. She is M, not the 'girl who wears glasses', just as R is not 'the boy with the splint.' 

We are amassing quite a collection of medical appliances in our house - 3 pairs of glasses (M and Me), a foot splint, an arm splint (R) and a pair of hearing aids (me).  God is testing us.


Maria Ontiveros said...

I think those are really cute glasses. Don't you hate it when, as a mom, you miss something in your child? At least you caught it now before it started to negatively affect her learning!

Sian said...

I think she looks gorgeous and you can tell her I said that! We are a family of glasses wearers too, so I know exactly what you are saying - I think Harry Potter has been a huge force for good in the glasses wearing world though :)

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