Saturday, 18 February 2012

A washed-out half term

Having done no housework for a week before half term, because I was snowed under with work and the flu, I knew I would have to spend at least some of the holiday time catching up with boring stuff, but I was looking forward to a week of fun with the children and P at home.

Unfortunately, at 3pm on  Friday afternoon M went down with a bad cough and spent the next 4 days either in bed or lying comatose on the sofa, which left me plenty of time for housework, but few nice half term activities.

I went to the Scraploonies crop for half a day on Sunday and produced 2 layouts and a pair of earrings before my exit pass expired and I had to go home to tend to the sick.

We  went out to the cinema to se 'The Muppets' and managed one trip to the park, but that now it is Saturday and I feel that half term has passed me by. We are up to date with homework and laundry (almost!), and I have done quite a bit of forward planning for the second half of term.

Still, the weather is improving and we have only 6 weeks to get through until we get another break - I love my job for other reasons too, honest! - and then we're off to France. I hope you all had  a good break, if it was school holidays where you are.


Sian said...

What is it about half term that does that? It happens here too - they should develop a new vitamin for it! A Half term health cure.

Amy said...

Ha, yes Sian!
But, with only six weeks until you are in France I think that is a great motivator! Good luck!