Friday, 6 January 2012

The last few days of JYC. The first few days of the year (and a leg up for Christmas 2012

I combined the last 6 JYC prompts into my last few SMASH pages.

2nd January. The children went to see the pantomime with their Nanny while I did some revision for my French oral exam. They do believe in fairies. They do. they do.

3rd January. A restful day spent naming new clothes for school. P and I shared a Chinese takeaway inthe evening to celebrate the end of the holidays.

4th January. Back to school for M and me. R had an extra day and P doesn't go back until next week. Not fair!!

5th January. R went back to school. My colleagues came over in the evening for a 'post-Christmas Do'

6th January. I took my French AS oral this morning. Not sure how well it went,  but I know I was very nervous. Now to revise for the written paper in 2 weeks' time. The tree, cards and all the decorations were taken down today. The house looks very empty and bare without all that Christmas sparkle.

And that's it until next October, when I will start preparations again.

For those of you who expressed an interest in my Christmas 2012 Plan-Along, here's my first tip for you. When you take down all those gorgeous glossy cards you received this year, don't just recycle them. Pack them away somewhere safe and WRITE DOWN WHERE YOU PUT THEM!!! In you JYC journal, perhaps, or on the Decmeber page of your 2012 diary / calendsar. Anywhere as long as you will look at it in 11 months time.
Do the same with any leftover wrapping paper or tags so you can find them again next year (and the paper you bought in the January sales, if you're that kind of girl. But on second thoughts, if you are, you probably don't need my help!)

Here's a look at my finished Christmas SMASH book. I've really enjoyed doing 'll definitely be getting myself another SMASH book for this year. All those little events that don't warrant a full 12x12 page.

It will be nice to get my non-Christmas stash back out, although I do still have some pictures I want to make into full layouts.


Carolyn Phillips said...

All our decorations are in one box, lights in another and advent things in a third. This year I remembered to put all the cards cut into tags and all the left over cards to use next year into the advent bag, so when I get the calenders and books out, they will be there ready to be used.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I wish you the best on your French oral exam!

I put my last year's cards in the box I keep my inside decorations and have done that for years so I can check that off the list and don't have to write it down since it is already committed to memory. All the Christmas craft stuff is put in its usual spot too. I got to thinking maybe I should move it since it isn't horribly accessible, since it is under H'ween stuff, but then I got to thinking that by October the H'ween stuff will be dragged down, so whew! You know if I moved it I'd never remember where to!

Julia Dunnit said...

Popped over to 'follow' Kirsty, a bit embarrassed that I don't already, love your pages, a smash book has worked out really well.

Melissa said...

Congrats on finishing your book! It's really turned out great.

I'm packing up Christmas decorations today, too. I have everything boxed back up (all nicely labled) & ready to go in the attic when hubby gets home. We still have to take down the trees and box them up this evening, too, but by the time we head to bed it will all be done!

Sian said...

That's a lovely photo of your finished Smash book. It looks very inviting! I'm sending you best of luck for the French exams