Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 on the 10th. Cute Things that my Children Say

For this month's 10 Things, I've collected some of my children's sayings. They make me laugh. I hope they amuse you too.

1. R to his sister. "You should mind your manners. Use the F Word.' ("Fanks!)

2. M (whose nickname at home is Mouse) "I'm not a mouse. I'm just a M(name)."

3. M (occasional variation on the above) "I'm not a mouse. I'm a cute little sister." (she certainly is!)

4. M "Will I ever be able to skip? I've only got 2 hobbies, and I can't do one of them."

5. M (aged 4 and half, as I was writing a shopping list) "Don't forget the full stops."

6. R "Goopblast is a green alien who can turn fiery." (We hear a lot of this sort of thing. What can one say, other than "Really?")
7. R "Muuu-ummm!" (Even when it's P who's told him to do something, not me)
8.  M "You're the best Mummy in the whole wide world."
9. R "Un pain au chocolat, s'il vous plait" (He loves going to the bakers by hime self in France)

10.And the things I say too often to them: "Put your shoes on...now". "Just eat a bit more", "Please stop making that silly noise". I could go on. You'll be glad to hear i won't


beccaf1970 said...

Cute, indeed! I love #4!!

Linda said...

LOL!!! It's great to have their little ayings recorded.

Rebekah said...

What a cute idea for 10 things!

Carolyn Phillips said...

I love it, and those bring back so many wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

Love this - some of those sound very familiar to me!

Melissa said...

What a cute post for Ten Things this month - totally brought a smile to my face!

Lisa-Jane said...

That made me smile! Especially number 10, oh yes, I recognise those, indeed I do... ;-)

Miriam said...

Number 4 love it! brilliant list Kirsty.