Wednesday, 21 December 2011

JYC Days18-21

A quick round up of my pages, which unusually were approximately on prompt this week:

18 - Christmas food - a collection of recipes to try and a note of our Christmas Day breakfast.

19. Letters to (or in my case, from) Santa

20. Surprise! A performance of 'The Night Before Christmas', starring the Mouse. Not what we expected!
21. Right Now. The first day of the school holidays for me and the kids (P's school broke up last week) so we had a very lazy day. So lazy, in fact, that I haven't even made a page about it, but I did do a couple of catch up pages.

A double page about gifts and wrapping, now that I've finished it all:
And a single picture of M posting the cards.


humel said...

The wrapping all done? Impressive - it was only earlier today I was reading you say you hadn't started it yet! Though I guess I was reading that post a bit belatedly... Lovely pages :)

Carol Anne said...

I'm just jumping into JYC now. Nice pages, and I'm impressed your wrapping is finished. Wish mine was!

Melissa said...

Way to go with your pages! I love that photo of M mailing her cards out!

Sian said...

It's all coming together beautifully Kirsty.

Pam Wendt said...

You inspire me with how you create beautiful layouts in the midst of holiday activities - and you remain current with those activities! Good for you! :o)

Lisa-Jane said...

Your Smash book is working out just fine isn't it?! I'm hoping to really crack on with the JYC in the next few days. Well done for keeping up!

S said...

Lots of cute faces in this post, some more "animated" that others. Merry Christmas to you and yours.