Saturday, 24 December 2011

JYC Days 21-23

The prompt for Day 21 is always a photo prompt, showing the house, Right Now. I looked back at last year's and it showed all the snow that closed the schools on the last day of term. However, this year the 21st was the first day of the school holidays and we were LAZY.  As M said, 'It's the weekend until next year!' So lazy, in fact that I thought it would too boring a page so I didn't even take any pictures.

Then I changed my mind the next morning and, as nothing had changed at home, I took some snaps and made my page retrospectively.

We went out on 22nd to see the film Happy Feet 2' and did some baking so I made pages about these activities. There is a list of last minute jobs tucked behind the cinema ticket, but it'sa very manageable one.

Today is Christmas Eve. There will certainly be pages of stockings, Christingles and Norad Santa Tracker, but they will not be made today. Today I am enjoying the magic with the children.

I will be back after the festivities have died down. Meanwhile I wish you and yours the happiest of Christmasses. Have a wonderful time.


Emily said...

Great page! Enjoy your Christmas with your family!!

humel said...

I've been taking a couple of family days too - I hope you've had a really lovely Christmas xx